Dog Birthday Basket

I had the absolute pleasure of designing and creating my very first dog birthday basket (mine was actually a box,,but same diff).

I had the sweetest lady contact me about her dog, Bailey who was turning 2 and after many conversations, I found out he was a therapy dog. This holds a very special place in my heart. I trained a therapy dog, Boomer, when I was 16. Everyone has that one dog that stands out in their mind, that was "the best". Boomer was mine.

He came to my family one Saturday while we were all out doing yard work (yay family bonding!). Beautiful pure blood black lab! Since we live so close to a college campus, many times during the spring/summer dogs start showing up around town from where students bought them or got them for Christmas but then do not want them/can't take them home/they get too big etc. Boomer was no exception, he was a big guy......with an equally big heart!

He was perfect. I don't remember anything monumental that he did wrong. Even before training, he just wanted to learn, listen and be good. So I started training him and knew immediately I wanted to do therapy work with him. We passed with flying colors! I was so excited!

We were not able to even complete our first day of volunteer work before he was hit by a car on the interstate. One of our other dogs at the time loved to run away and explore, and he tragically happened to tag along this time.

All of that to say, I love therapy dog work and greatly admire the dogs and people who are involved in it. Therefore I wanted to make this birthday box extra special for Bailey!

After talking back and forth I was able to design this box especially for Bailey with only flavors, colors and shapes he likes!

Bailey loved blue, red and yellow!
I put it all in this box and tied it up with the prettiest red bow!

I was so happy to be able to do this for Bailey, I hope that he enjoys them and has a great 2nd birthday!

If you would like to talk to me about a birthday box/basket, I would love to design something with you!
email me:
or go to and see what we have!

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