Livin' the "twenty-something" life!

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to embark on a cruise with one of my bestest friends to - a. get away, b. have fun but ultimately to celebrate turning 25!

We had always talked about turning 25, I don't know why? I guess it's a big age because you are over the twenties "hump", I am not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. I am choosing to believe it's a good thing.

I have nothing but good memories of my "younger" days at a "twenty-something" year old but I am definitely looking forward to the future, I mean it could hold (and hopefully does hold) some of my best days! I have never been in love, never been married, have no kids, and am just beginning a very exciting and fun business, so surely there are good days ahead and I choose to not look back. Getting older simply means I have been blessed to live and experience a number of days, memories, experiences, opportunities and I regret nothing.

Many of those experiences have involved travel. I love traveling! I don't actually like the traveling part (buses, planes, cars etc) but being in those places is indescribable. If any young person is wondering what to do, TRAVEL! It will only make you better.  I have traveled for business, pleasure and mission trips and learn something about others and myself on every single trip.

After college graduation, I had this incredible opportunity to travel to the Philippines with my brother to live and work with some kids there that forever changed my outlook on life.

My first thought when traveling that far distance was "God is so amazing! There are literally billions of people in this world and he is involved and passionate about each and every one individually just like he is me." It overwhelmed me.

Later that year I was able to check something off my bucket list - Travel Through Europe

I have always wanted to visit Paris. Yes, typical girl, I know. But there was something magical about it, something captivated me. I had planned countless trips. With parents, friends, random people who wanted to go, I was going to get there somehow, some way!!!

Then a friend of mine told me she was traveling to Macedonia and invited me to join her to see if perhaps, something there would grab my heart as I was very undecided in what I wanted to do with my life. 
Well,,,,,,what am I supposed to do when I've worked since I was able to babysit and saved every penny and I get a chance to go on an adventure??? "Oh, and by the way, I leave in 3 days"----be very careful telling your mother that.

And so it happened, that I went to Macedonia with three days notice.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND just leaving. Tell your dearly loved ones, of course, but then it, you will never be able to do it it now!
Once in Macedonia, I realized this wasn't the place God had for me, but while I was in Europe I was thinking I needed to get on that!! So....what does the family of a wacky 23 year old do at the drop of a hat? JOIN ME OF COURSE? "So wanna meet in Prague next week?"

And so it happened....that my uncle, aunt and my mom traveled on such short short noticed and joined me in Prague where I had a dear friend working...and we began an adventure I could never have imagined.

It's worth it. It's worth the saving and the packed lunches and working long hours and not buying the latest and hottest fashion items, it's worth it. So just do it.

Recently, though, I went on a cruise. With my friend to celebrate being 25. And it was absolutely everything we wanted it to be.
This was my first cruise experience and so I wasn't sure what to expect and I was blown away. The ports were top notch! The crew was unbelievably friendly and efficient and we had the time of our lives.

It was much needed from work and from life. I highly encourage a vacation in the mid twenties to forget you are in your mid twenties. To forget everything really and just enjoy life, turn off the phone, forget what Suzy had for breakfast this morning on her Instagram and how fit she is and healthy and just be and enjoy your life and refocus. Go somewhere that brings you back to life and connects you with your Creator and remember why you are blessed with the life you have and what you are supposed to do with it to serve a bigger purpose, to impact people, to make a difference for somewhere, somewhere, for something. 
That's my hope and prayer anyway.