My Dog Treat Vendor Display

So like I just posted, I participated in my first event as a vendor and I had no clue what I was doing. I thought either I was going completely over the top and people would think I was vain or pompous or I would be nothing compared to every other experienced vendor and would be chasing my blown-over tent, running out of cash or standing alone with no customers looking sad.

And although this was my first event and I don't know much about how many treats to actually make (when hopefully not at an event where it rains all day and you see 50 people) or how much cash to bring and in what amounts. I did have a great set up. I received many compliments from my presentation and I believe it brought about many sales and I am very proud of it so I thought I would share my ideas!

Here are the final pictures of my set up:

I had a single 9'x9' tent that sheltered a 8' table underneath in which I displayed all my treats and conducted business.

I split my table up, on the far left is my board that I decorated that announced what was coming up (CHRISTMAS!) and what we are able to customize (Birthday Baskets!). It also displayed some of our fans which was way fun to showcase!

I printed everything off myself on my printer (even the pictures). To make it more fun and to stand out more, I caught a sale at Michaels where all 12x12 paper was 6 sheets for a dollar so I bought all kinds of colors and designs and backed every sign or picture on my board. 

Then in the middle of my table is where I displayed my all natural treats. I picked my most popular flavors and shapes (probably had about 6-7 variations on display). 

I used a picture frame I had in my house to display the price of these particular kinds of treats, but after completing the day, I should have also put the price on the individual flags (above picture) as well. I will change it next time to read "Gluten-Free Blueberry Bunnies - $8.00/Bag"

Then on the right of my table I displayed my decorated treats!

This sign seemed to be pretty clear to people, I guess because it says "Decorated" and people understand what that means, as opposed to the word "all natural" where it is harder to tell just from looking at my table.

To see how I made my display cards and boxes, look here.

The BEST idea by far of the whole day and will forever use, was a SAMPLE treat jar!!

This brought dogs to my table and made them want to stay at my table while their owners looked at everything. I will pick another flavor next time I think, blueberry is definitely great, but some dogs are picky and I think peanut butter is a more universally enjoyed flavor!

Then displayed throughout the table (covering bald spots or taking up space) were some picture frames displaying my other products that I was not able to make for the day, as well as some other variations of treats that were sold individually.

Another great idea (although I needed more people for it to be successful) was some kind of free candy!
If we were indoors, I would have chosen chocolate kisses or something similar, but since we were outside, I thought best to not chance chocolate melting :)

To see where I bought everything and how I made it, look here!

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