How to Keep Your Aging Pet Healthy and Happy

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How to Keep Your Aging Pet Healthy and Happy
by Nick Burton,

There is nothing quite like the joy that a pet can bring. No matter their age, they will always be babies in our eyes. However, we need to ensure that as their bodies change, we adapt with them to make their lives easier. Here is how you can ensure your pet leads their best life as they gradually transition into their golden years.

Changing Their Diet

As our furry friends grow older, their diets will need to change to reflect the alterations in their bodies. However, don't assume that cats' needs and dogs' needs are the same, either. While dogs may need fewer calories as they grow older, cats spend more energy as they age; this means they require more calories than they did before. Senior cats also need plenty of protein, even more than when they were kittens. They may not absorb it as well as when they were spritely, however, so always get food that is formulated for them. Dogs, however, benefit from lower calorie foods with less fats. Antioxidants and omega-3s can keep your pup in good shape; therefore, look for meals that support these needs.

Useful Accessories

Getting around can become a trial in our pets' later years. To make their lives more comfortable, add some accessories. This could mean buying a pet stroller so you pet can still get outside, or pet stairs to help your older pooch get onto the couch or into the car. Of course, you'll want to understand which options are best for your dog's size and needs before making an investment. Thankfully, the internet is full of owner and professional reviews to guide you. You might also get extra cushioned beds to keep pressure off of their joints. There are even toys geared specifically for older pets, so they can still have gentle enrichment despite their increasing age.