Dia De Los Pitty Shirts Are Here!

I have been working on this design for a few months and am SO excited to finally release it!
This is the face of my "niece" Hobbes! Whom is not pictured in any of these pics because of her "un-cooperativeness".

This is my sister in law and brother with their two pitty rescues! They are just absolutely precious and we had so much fun with these pics!

Hope you love the tee! I don't know if I will reorder, so better grab one while you can!
Use the code UNDERDOGS for 10% off!

15% Of New Dog Lover Shirts!

Our new collection of fall items has launched. Although more will probably trickle in through the next month or so, this is the bulk of it. 
I hope you love it! I ADORE cold weather so I can sometimes go crazy over long sleeves and sweatshirts!
I am going to Colorado next week for a friend's baby shower, so shipping will be put on hold for September 8th-15th. Then orders placed during that time will go out on the 17th.

My mom and dad will be dog sitting my two, plus their two, plus the three foster nuggets! So to make things easier on her, we are holding orders during that time.

To make up for it, we are offering 15% off everything with code PUPPIES during that time, you can use this code on:

Thank you for your support and understanding!