Free Antique Fonts

I am in love with this antique style of font and writing that is popular right now!

I have several friends who have chalkboard calendars like this, and I think it is so fun!
So as I was pinning the other day, I ran across from free antique fonts on an adorable blog and thought I would post about it, so others can enjoy the fun :)

First of all, I want to give credit where credit is due,  here is the blog:

Now, here are the fonts. I know nothing about downloading and installing fonts and have tried many times before to download nothing, but these are extremely easy and they are now installed on my pages app on my computer! I can't wait to use them!

Follow this link to go to the site to get them! 


We are back OPEN! Just in time to share some Valentine Dog Treats!

What a wonderful break it has been! I was completely overwhelmed (in a good way) by Christmas orders. They entirely exceeded my expectations and it forced me to shut down my store for some time to recoup, reorder, restock and reorganize my life! What a great problem to have :) Thank you for everyone that ordered! It is a joy to make treats for your precious doggies!

But the time has come to open back up once again and I could not be more excited about it!

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner and my dog seems to be my only faithful date that sticks around year after year, I thought this year needs to be extra special.

May I introduce…………2014 Valentine's Dog Treats!!!!!!

I am so proud of these and am SO glad they actually turned out like I planned! I have seen these in dog treats before, but they had frosting on them and I wanted to try to do something at least a little different than every one else. 

This is our grain-free pumpkin recipe that I have separated and dyed and then stamped different sayings into them. Because of the dye, they are not an all natural dog treat, but the recipe is our yummy pumpkin recipe which is all natural.

Look at them here on my website!

Then I have made these X's and O's gluten free dog treats that are all natural cranberry! Again, I wanted to try and avoid the icings and yogurts, they make the treats more expensive and then it can exclude dogs that are on strict diets and have to have no sugar or can only have all natural.

This is a super popular recipe and can be used for so many shapes. I am so in love with these. You can see them on my website.

These I did not make and design for this Valentine's Day, and have been in my collection for some time, but they are so incredibly cute and perfect for all dogs. Sometimes, simplicity is really the best. Again, this is our grain free pumpkin dog treat recipe. 

This is the same recipe as our X's and O's, the all natural cranberry dog treat recipe. These are just a smaller bite sized treat that can be personalized! 

All of these and more can be found at my website or at my store on Etsy

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

The Best Christmas Gift I Gave This Year….

I believe I might have been more excited about giving this one particular gift this year, than receiving anything else! I was excited because one, I knew my friends would flip out over them, two because it was something truly unique (we know how proud we all get of ourselves when we find that one particular gift and you know, there is no topping it), and three, because they were just truly the most beautiful creations!
These were done by a truly talented woman I know who kindly and beautifully made me two varieties of note cards for two of my dearest friends for Christmas. 

She has this amazing gift of calligraphy. Look at more of her work at

She is a pure delight to work with, is incredibly talented and I could not be happier with my note cards she made me. 
I hope and PRAY that someday she would be able to do my wedding invitations and envelopes!!