Dog Pumpkin Pancakes

Every so often Molly (queen bee, her royal highness, lofty princess....whichever name you prefer) decides she is over her food. She gets tired of it and just stops eating it.

She wants something else.

As the loving and trained human being that I am, I oblige because I wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day either.

This happened the other day and I happened to think....well, let's make some pumpkin pancakes because she LOVES pumpkin and it is November so it seems appropriate.

Here is my recipe that I originally found from but tweaked a little to work for us.

Dog Lover Stationery and Drinkware!

Two things I can't live without are my notepads and my drinkware, so I had to make this happen for Treat Dreams!
I am CONSTANTLY writing notes to myself because I can't remember much now that I'm in my late twenties!

I bought cheap simple magnets at Hobby Lobby to stink on the back of these so they go perfectly on my fridge!


Dia De Los Pitty Shirts Are Here!

I have been working on this design for a few months and am SO excited to finally release it!
This is the face of my "niece" Hobbes! Whom is not pictured in any of these pics because of her "un-cooperativeness".

This is my sister in law and brother with their two pitty rescues! They are just absolutely precious and we had so much fun with these pics!

Hope you love the tee! I don't know if I will reorder, so better grab one while you can!
Use the code UNDERDOGS for 10% off!

15% Of New Dog Lover Shirts!

Our new collection of fall items has launched. Although more will probably trickle in through the next month or so, this is the bulk of it. 
I hope you love it! I ADORE cold weather so I can sometimes go crazy over long sleeves and sweatshirts!
I am going to Colorado next week for a friend's baby shower, so shipping will be put on hold for September 8th-15th. Then orders placed during that time will go out on the 17th.

My mom and dad will be dog sitting my two, plus their two, plus the three foster nuggets! So to make things easier on her, we are holding orders during that time.

To make up for it, we are offering 15% off everything with code PUPPIES during that time, you can use this code on:

Thank you for your support and understanding! 

Adoption Time!

I can't believe it is time to get my babies adopted! Time flies and yet when picking up poop from my living room carpet, time also seems to not fly by. 

We bottle fed these babies after getting them at 9 days old and so I am particularly attached to them and can hardly keep it together when thinking of saying goodbye. 

Fostering saves lives you guys. Please try to do it at least once. 
These pups had no where to go and the shelter needed to make space. They were on the list.
You can find their adoption information here:
Their names are Baker, Panda and Hershey Kisses

No Rescue For August

Happy almost August! It's officially time to prepare to look forward to fall! Ha! This is how I get through the summer. Always look forward to fall!

So many of you know that about two weeks ago we spontaneously took in three foster bottle babies from our local animal shelter. They came to us 9 days old. I have been up every night, every 3-4 hours feeding them ever since. I'm very tired, but their puppy breath and soft kisses help tremendously.

All that to say, we heard about these babes from Country Roads Animal Rescue Society, but I do not like to take resources from rescues or animal shelters because they have so many other needs they need to meet. 

Foster Babies are our Rescue!

Brand New ☘️ St. Patty's Day Shirt

I was sitting home watching The Office and doodling on my computer with a few things and one thing led to another and this happened! Even though my mom doesn't like it I have decided to put it up for pre-order!
I will be placing an order, probably Monday or Tuesday depending on the amount of sales over the weekend. 
No worries, I will make sure you get it in time for St. Patty's Day! 


                                                               Shop the tee right here! 

What To Expect From Your Dog's Double ACL Surgery

When I heard that my dog needed double ACL surgery, I looked online and couldn't find the answers that I was looking for......How will she use the bathroom? What can I buy to help her with her recovery? What can I expect in terms of her range of motion?

So I have decided to type up a few little things I have learned from the past few days since
her double ACL surgery.

Valentine's Day Is For Dog Lovers!

Whether you need something for your Galentine or you Valentine, we have you covered with some brand new dog lover tees!!!
 Our ever popular Rescue is my favorite breed shirt is back with a fun plaid pattern!!
 My life's motto on a shirt right here!