Memorial Day Sale All Weekend! Enjoy 15% Off!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
If you are like me you have a TON planned to do! Part of that is taking part in all the AWESOME SALES everyone is having! I didn't want to be left out, so enjoy 15% ALL WEEKEND!


We have some new stuff in and some stuff on SALE! 

Wedding Chalkboard Photo Backdrop

My best friend got married last weekend and she had asked me to help her create a chalkboard photo backdrop for her guests to take pictures in front of and enjoy! Of course I said YES!

I can now pride myself on being a pretty phenomenal "chalker". I have completed the wall in my shop as you can see here.....

...and now I will tackle a chalk photo-booth. *I should also mention, another incentive for me doing this board is that I get to keep it after the wedding!*

Her dad put the board together which I think would be the hardest part! He painted it with chalkboard paint and that is all I know about how it came to be :)

Once I had it, Kara (the bride) had to decide what she wanted it to say. She had found a post on Pinterest that used a chalkboard photo booth and decided she liked it enough to try to replicate it as best we could. Thanks Averie Lane!