Birthday Doggie Treats Get a Makeover!!

It's been a long time comin, but my birthday dog treat combos finally got a makeover!

I have been wanting to find the right "centerpiece" for these combos for a long time and I finally found what I was looking for.

I love the combination in these! I always think about what I would want if I ordered something for my dogs and I love that they are so different. I didn't just switch from pink to blue colors but they are completely different treats, shapes and colors.

The other point I want to stress though is that if you don't like any of these shapes and you want to do something else, I am more than happy to see what I can do to accommodate! 
Everyone should get what they want on their birthday and dogs are no exception!

New Trend: Having Your Dog in Your Wedding

By far my favorite trend right now is incorporating your dog in your wedding! And why shouldn't you? We all know that our dogs can be our most favorite living beings on the face of the earth most times and probably is next in line after your significant other! They share every moment of our lives, good or bad and spend more time with us than probably anyone else. So why shouldn't they share in the most important day of your life?

I am all for it! And like the rest of my wedding, I have exactly how I would have Molly in my wedding all planned out! I am just missing.....the groom...hmm...must work on that.....

I thought I would list some of my favorite ideas I have run across. Starting off, of course, with my own.

I have done several weddings that have asked for their names and date in the treats.

This particular wedding was the first to add soemthing unique though..

You can say anything you wish! This bride kicked around the idea of "MY PARENTS WENT TO NICOLE AND JOEY'S WEDDING" which I also wanted to melt over! 

Isn't it true? All you need is love and a dog! So cute! I can just imagine these at a wedding! These treats last for several several weeks so they are the perfect choice to have in time to prepare with and then also to have sitting out or individually bagged and then taken home. ADORBS!! Find them here.
The rest of the items are from my pinterest board "All You Need Is Love And A Dog"

I definitely will have to have a picture of me in my dress with my Moodles. This one stuck with me because I am a sucker for black and white photos and it isn't the typical, "here let's have a polite little kiss but don't you dare touch my dress" picture. 

Exactly what I was referring to. Perfect way to use my treats and give them out as favors.

Take a picture of your dog with a frame, then add the different table numbers in to display on each table
I am not sure if I will have table numbers, but if I do, this would be an adorable way to incorporate Molly. It is still classy without being "oh my gosh these people cannot get over their dog!"

Love this idea! Photo by Cindy. #MinneapolisWeddingPhotographer #WeddingPhotographyAdorable way to incorporate your dog into your wedding! // Photo by Tamiz Photography // see more:
I simply LOVE dogs with signs. I have seen "My Humans Are Getting Married" or "Here Comes The Bride" and then both of these of course. I just think it is so cute and much better than "dog shaming" signs and quotes. 

I wish I had male dogs so they could wear a bow tie and cuffs!
Now, IF Molly were a male dog, I would be all over this! TOOO cute!! A bow tie or a regular tie. I mean really...need I convince you of this cuteness?? 

Dogs & Weddings. Probably want to try and avoid this though. Lol
And all cuteness and whimsical dreaming aside, we all know this is what my wedding with Molly would really look like.......


We are 1 Year old!

Well we made it! Treat Dreams is now officially one year old. I am so proud of where we are and as much as I want success and for this to come to a place where it can support me as my full time job, I count it a success not just financially but also in whether I have been able to communicate with people, reach out to people, work with people, support them, and give them correct information, fantastic service and a true, honest made from my heart, product.

I hope that is true. I have my bad days when I am scared it may not be, and become discouraged, but I believe that is with everything you do.

I have tried very hard to avoid "selling" my products, avoid falsely advertising them or gaining customers or a following based on false accusations. 
I simply have tried to be myself and have a passion about everything that is involved in this business and not to do it simply because it would "be good business" even if I don't fully support it or believe in it.
Everything down to what shape I make the treats is because I love it. I get so excited picking shapes and colors!! 
I know we have a long way to go, and sometimes that is encouraging and sometimes it is overwhelming, but I look forward to it.
I love every minute of working with Treat Dreams.
To celebrate our one year in business, I made the girls a cake. This was my first dog cake I have ever made so I am not super proud of it, but it worked and I loved the result. 
The girls did too :)

Here's to many more years!!!