We are 1 Year old!

Well we made it! Treat Dreams is now officially one year old. I am so proud of where we are and as much as I want success and for this to come to a place where it can support me as my full time job, I count it a success not just financially but also in whether I have been able to communicate with people, reach out to people, work with people, support them, and give them correct information, fantastic service and a true, honest made from my heart, product.

I hope that is true. I have my bad days when I am scared it may not be, and become discouraged, but I believe that is with everything you do.

I have tried very hard to avoid "selling" my products, avoid falsely advertising them or gaining customers or a following based on false accusations. 
I simply have tried to be myself and have a passion about everything that is involved in this business and not to do it simply because it would "be good business" even if I don't fully support it or believe in it.
Everything down to what shape I make the treats is because I love it. I get so excited picking shapes and colors!! 
I know we have a long way to go, and sometimes that is encouraging and sometimes it is overwhelming, but I look forward to it.
I love every minute of working with Treat Dreams.
To celebrate our one year in business, I made the girls a cake. This was my first dog cake I have ever made so I am not super proud of it, but it worked and I loved the result. 
The girls did too :)

Here's to many more years!!!

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