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No Rescue For August

Happy almost August! It's officially time to prepare to look forward to fall! Ha! This is how I get through the summer. Always look forward to fall!

So many of you know that about two weeks ago we spontaneously took in three foster bottle babies from our local animal shelter. They came to us 9 days old. I have been up every night, every 3-4 hours feeding them ever since. I'm very tired, but their puppy breath and soft kisses help tremendously.

All that to say, we heard about these babes from Country Roads Animal Rescue Society, but I do not like to take resources from rescues or animal shelters because they have so many other needs they need to meet. 

Foster Babies are our Rescue!

Brand New ☘️ St. Patty's Day Shirt

I was sitting home watching The Office and doodling on my computer with a few things and one thing led to another and this happened! Even though my mom doesn't like it I have decided to put it up for pre-order!
I will be placing an order, probably Monday or Tuesday depending on the amount of sales over the weekend. 
No worries, I will make sure you get it in time for St. Patty's Day! 


                                                               Shop the tee right here! 

What To Expect From Your Dog's Double ACL Surgery

When I heard that my dog needed double ACL surgery, I looked online and couldn't find the answers that I was looking for......How will she use the bathroom? What can I buy to help her with her recovery? What can I expect in terms of her range of motion?

So I have decided to type up a few little things I have learned from the past few days since
her double ACL surgery.