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How to Keep Your Aging Pet Healthy and Happy

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How to Keep Your Aging Pet Healthy and Happy
by Nick Burton, www.ourbestdoggo.com

There is nothing quite like the joy that a pet can bring. No matter their age, they will always be babies in our eyes. However, we need to ensure that as their bodies change, we adapt with them to make their lives easier. Here is how you can ensure your pet leads their best life as they gradually transition into their golden years.

Changing Their Diet

As our furry friends grow older, their diets will need to change to reflect the alterations in their bodies. However, don't assume that cats' needs and dogs' needs are the same, either. While dogs may need fewer calories as they grow older, cats spend more energy as they age; this means they require more calories than they did before. Senior cats also need plenty of protein, even more than when they were kittens. They may not absorb it as well as when they were spritely, however, so always get food that is formulated for them. Dogs, however, benefit from lower calorie foods with less fats. Antioxidants and omega-3s can keep your pup in good shape; therefore, look for meals that support these needs.

Useful Accessories

Getting around can become a trial in our pets' later years. To make their lives more comfortable, add some accessories. This could mean buying a pet stroller so you pet can still get outside, or pet stairs to help your older pooch get onto the couch or into the car. Of course, you'll want to understand which options are best for your dog's size and needs before making an investment. Thankfully, the internet is full of owner and professional reviews to guide you. You might also get extra cushioned beds to keep pressure off of their joints. There are even toys geared specifically for older pets, so they can still have gentle enrichment despite their increasing age.

A House With Dogs- 1 Year of Home Ownership

I cannot believe I am coming up on owning my home for a year! Time flies, that is just so crazy to me!

When I started thinking about owning a home and how I would decorate and live my life, I wanted to be intentional about what I purchased and where I put things because of the dogs. I will always have dogs in my life, and this is their house like it is mine, so I want to make sure my house is equipped for that.

To me that meant only buying things that I knew could handle the wear and tear of dogs. As much as those throw pillows with the tassels are ADORABLE, to my dogs, the tassels are just begging to be eaten, so why even buy it?

I have two rules/guidelines that I brought with me into owning a home:
#1 Buy Everything Washable
#2 Clean Lines = Easy Cleaning

Checked throw: Pottery Barn, Wooden Sign: Smallwood Home, Floor Lamp: Ikea, LOVE Pillow: Pottery Barn, Aztec Pillows: Ikea,  Fiddle Leaf: Amazon, Rug: Ruggable, Dog Beds: Orvis)

Lamps, vases, flowers, baskets, and pillow from Target

#1 Buy Everything Washable.
Almost everything in my home can be washed. Even my living room rug (see my favorite items below!) My kitchen rugs, bathroom rugs, blankets, throws, pillow covers, dog beds,......almost everything can be thrown in the wash if needed (and it's ALWAYS needed)

#2 Clean Lines = Easy Cleaning
I want my house to be as easy to clean as humanly possible. To me, that meant keeping the clutter down. My mom will tell you that I hate "trinkets" and things lying around, so this wasn't a hard thing for me to do, but still when I want to buy a picture frame, or another succulent to sit around I remember this. The more I have, the more things will get dirty and need cleaning. I love being able to dust by just taking a rag and going down a straight line on my table and not having to first clear it of everything that was sitting on it, then dust the table, then dust all the individual things that were sitting on the table.

World Map: Pinterest, Rug & Chairs: Hobby Lobby

Here are some of my favorite items from owning a home over the last year!
  • Ruggable (as seen in the first picture): The machine washable rug. It's life changing. I wash it probably once a month. Still looks brand new and it feels SO good to wash all the dirt, dog hair and everything else that it collects! 
  • Magnetic Screen Door: This has changed everything. Especially with house training a puppy, being able to leave the door open so she can go when needed, while still keeping the flies out is life changing. 
  • Orvis Dog Beds: Well worth the investment, these are the best dog beds I have ever owned (and I've owned them all!) They have a water resistant liner, and are SO easy to cover and uncover for washing. I've owned them for years and they haven't once disappointed me. I bought one for Molly when her hips didn't allow her on my bed anymore, I was sad, she was not. She truly loves the memory foam.

  • Mrs. Meyers Cleaners:  I clean EVERYTHING with this. My favorite scent is Honeysuckle but their seasonal scents are the bomb too! It does a great job cleaning my grimy services and smells fantastic!
  • Bissell Spot Cleaner: How could I have lived without my little spot cleaner. Guys, I have put this little booger to the test. 4 foster puppies and 4 adult dogs and this thing keeps up! 
  • Dog Friendly Weed Killer: I don't know about you, but my dogs eat my grass and weeds. So to kill them, I need something that won't kill my dogs, but will kill my weeds!! I searched and found that strong vinegar will do the trick. I buy it here, from Amazon. Normal cooking vinegar is not as strong as this stuff. I put it in a water bottle and spray all my weeds. Once the sun hits it, they are scorched! 

CUTEST Cookies EVER! Look-a-like Dog Cookies!

Get ready for a BIG bragging session!
My family has been friends with this other family, the Carter's since we were itty bitty! I love old friendships!

Now their daughter, Sami, has started her own business of baking and decorating cookies (for humans) and she is REALLY good at it.

Her site is www.ohtastebakery.com (LOOK HER UP!)

Like, I'm not just saying that because I know her, she is remarkable. She does all sorts of things! I don't know if there is anything she can't do. She makes cookies that look just like your dog!

So I asked her to make me some cookies to commemorate my first year of home ownership! She BLEW me away!