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What To Expect From Your Dog's Double ACL Surgery

When I heard that my dog needed double ACL surgery, I looked online and couldn't find the answers that I was looking for......How will she use the bathroom? What can I buy to help her with her recovery? What can I expect in terms of her range of motion?

So I have decided to type up a few little things I have learned from the past few days since
her double ACL surgery.

Valentine's Day Is For Dog Lovers!

Whether you need something for your Galentine or you Valentine, we have you covered with some brand new dog lover tees!!!
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A Christmas Rescue Story

The word “rescue” means something different to me now than it did even a few years ago. I used to associate it with the fire department, life guarding or a “search and rescue” team. Now when I hear the word “rescue” I picture an emaciated puppy, or a senior dog that got “too old” and I see the looks on their faces and the drastic ways their lives change after they are “rescued”. I can’t help but draw the parallel between that life change and what changed when Christ came into the world to rescue us, his children.

That is the entire purpose of Christmas, Christ’s birth. And the entire purpose of Christ’s birth is to ultimately lead to his death to rescue us from our own sins (our selfishness, our hate, our prejudice, our pride, our deceitfulness). Because just like that emaciated dog, we can’t rescue ourselves. We need a Savior.

Luke 2:11 : “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

The definition of Savior: a person who saves, rescues, delivers. Christmas is about our Rescuer, coming to earth, to rescue us. I love thinking about the word “rescue” this way because it is something my heart fully understands and comprehends. If my heart breaks for these dogs I see in shelters, and I want nothing more than to do everything I can to save them, to help them, to love them, to rescue them from their present situation, how much more does my Rescuer want to reach out to me this Christmas? 

Merry Christmas friends! ❤️🐾