Christmas Time Is Here!

Since our treats are included in Southern Living's Holiday Gift Guide, we thought we better spruce up  our picture to be a bit more Christmas cozy!!
We created Christmas early at the house and Molly, Lucy, Tank and Baby had no objections to eating some Christmas treats early! 

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Homemade, Peanut Butter Dog Birthday Cakes Now Available!

I have worked for a long time trying to figure out the best way to handle offering cakes in the shop. There is something different about a cake than just having treats for your birthday. You need something special!
So here they are, the long awaited cakes from Treat Dreams Dog Bakery!
Fresh peanut butter dog cake, drizzled with yogurt and carob frosting.
We dare you not to want to eat it yourself!

Oklahoma Dog Treats

I just had to. There is not a huge demand for grain-free Oklahoma dog treats, but since I made Texas treats, I HAD to make Oklahoma ones!

Grain-Free Texas Dog Treats!

For Texans, their loyalty to their state is unlike any other. So I thought it would be appropriate to introduce these Texas Flag/State Dog Treats.

They are grain-free and pumpkin! Yummy...

Oklahoma Alliance For Animals- Phantom Dog Treats

I had the pleasure of working with the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, to supply some specialty treats for their annual fundraiser, this year called "The Phantom of the Pawpra".

I was ecstatic to be contacted about this, because I love partnering with great organizations and I love having the opportunity to work on a new project.

I decided to make masks! I had wanted to try them for Mardi Gras anyway but it came and went so quickly so this was the perfect excuse to try it out anyway!

I was so pleased with how they turned out and had such a good time making them.

St. Patrick's Day Dog Treats- Shamrock Style

Spring is in the air!!

Even though most the of the country is dealing with an unnatural amount of snow (please don't hurt me for complaining about not getting ANY winter weather), spring IS right around the corner!
Proof= these St. Patricks dog treats I made this weekend

They are grain-free pumpkin treats and I just love them! Every once and a while I feel obligated to make a certain shape but still haven't quite perfected it.
I know because I don't obsess over it, well that isn't the case with these, I am a little bit obsessed.

I already have an order for them and I can't wait to start all over again and make them!

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