Dog Shirts for a DOGgone Good Cause

We just received the first order of shirts for 2016! Wahoo!
I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

Help us start the year off WONDERFULLY for Barks of Love in California!
They are a 100% no kill, foster-based, all breed dog rescue!
Right now they have a lot of puppies and could use some extra funds to make things easier on them. I am happy to help but can't without you!!

All three of these shirts are super soft and the perfect "worn" look.

"I Love Dogs, Coffee, Netflix and Long Walks to the Fridge"
 "Dog Hair Don't Care"
"I Just Want All the Dogs"

If you have a rescue you would like to recommend to receive 10% of our sales for a month, please contact me at

The Perfect Shirts for Dog Lovers

I have decided to create some shirts to reflect my personality, style and love of dogs.

 I hope that others will enjoy them and we are using them to donate 10% of their profits to dog rescues across the country which makes me psyched!!

They can all be found on my website,, or on my Etsy page, Treat Dreams.
I JUST ordered more stock, so if you don't see your size, just wait a few days or contact me!
PLUS, I have some new designs coming as well! Can't wait!