The Most "Paw"fect Christmas Dog Treats Ever!

Well, I realize it's about a month away from Christmas and I am just posting these pictures of my gourmet Christmas dog treats but that's because I took pictures way back in September for my Christmas line and then ended up hating them. So I just had to remake and retake all of my pictures! and now, I am proud to say, they are PERFECT!

Without further ado, here are my Homemade, Gourmet Christmas Dog Treats for 2014

To start us off, we have my most adorable grain-free pumpkin reindeer dog treats.

You get 12 in an order and, are they not the cutest things?

These snowmen are SO much easier than the snowmen I had last year, but I think cuter even though they are so simple! Sometimes, simplicity is the key.

And the focal point of this shot is my mug, which is not for sale, but I just love it so much and thought it was pretty much precious for this shoot.

10 snowmen come in an order.

Oh Christmas tree..... These will always be one of my favorites for Christmas. It may just be the vibrant green that gets me.

I don't know, but I love them.

The classic santa hat. You can't go wrong with Santa.

Also top on my favorites to decorate!!! Gingerbread men!! Funny story....the cookie cutter I use for this little gingerbread man is always, ALWAYS missing! I swear it jumps about at night while I'm asleep...

10 gingerbread men come in one order.

I am tempted all the time to eat these. They look so delicious! I love them!

I resist however. They are grain-free and delicious but I guess I will pass this time..

And now, the masterpiece for my Christmas collection......

My Christmas Gift Box!

How many parties to you go to and have no idea what to take as a hostess gift? This is perfect! I have taken it many many times! It is just $25 and comes perfectly wrapped and packaged and ready to go for that dog lover at heart!

All the treats are grain free, homemade, handmade and ready to be devoured!

Now on to the all natural treats!

I know many dogs and dog owners who need and want only all natural treats. The ingredients in all of my treats are all natural. The only thing not natural in my treats is the dye I use in the frosting, but I wanted a great option of non decorated treats that dogs could have that would still be festive.

These are all natural as well because there is no dye in them.

Just plain, great yogurt icing drizzled to make the perfect snowflake treats!

You can check all of these out on my website at
Hurry! I close up shop for the holidays on December 15th!