Circus Themed Baby Shower

So several weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of helping to put on a baby shower for some great friends and it was so much fun!

I LOVE planning parties and decorations and invitations and organization and food! I have never been involved in planning or decorating a baby shower and I kinda just took over this shower because I was so excited to get everything together on this one!

I decided that a circus themed baby shower was possibly the cutest idea anyone has ever come up with! Thank you Pinterest for so many ideas!

So I wanted to share with you the pictures from the shower because it turned out soooooo cute! And you know me, I did everything as cheaply as possible! So I shall share some of my finds and ideas with you as well :)


Most of the items are from the Dollar Store: Pop Corn bags, small glass jars, candy, styrofoam boxes..

These paper cones were so fun! I wrapped a styrofoam box with wrapping paper, then stuck BBQ grilling sticks in them with a paper cone around each stick, then filled the cone with taffy! The cones are just paper wrapped and taped into a cone. SUPER EASY!

I found some peanuts at a local ranch and feed store and filled glass vases I had around the house for decoration. I also found some tickets at Wal-Mart and filled vases with tickets for decoration as well!

The full view of the table! I found out what all the hostesses had as far as cake platters or dishes that would all work (glass) and used them for the food.

I made all these flags and they were easy and cheap. Michaels was having a sale on their 12x12 paper so I went crazy and picked out some fun patterns! Then it's simply tracing and cutting. I cut BBQ grilling sticks I had laying around down to size and taped the flags on. They were a CUTE addition to the cakes and cupcakes.

ANIMAL CRACKERS! We wanted enough of these to go on the tables for each person (also kind of a take home gift for each person) but they are hard to find. Wal-Mart had perhaps 5-7 each time we went and we could not go back 10 times and we bought them out each time. So we just used them as decoration.

Again, I wrapped boxes. These are USPS Priority Mail boxes that I wrapped in tissue paper, wrapping paper and then sometimes put some ribbon on. It was great to give some height to the table.

This was so easy to do! I found it on Pinterest. Check it out here. We printed out the letters and backed it with some red paper we bought at Michaels. Clothes pins are from the dollar store.


These glass jars are from the dollar store, as well as the pop corn bags. We popped tons of popcorn to fill these bags and it was great because people snacked on it all night and even took some bags home with them. They served as decoration and food!

Every table had some balloons, popcorn and peanuts!


We were able to track down a chalk board to welcome the guests!

This was just a really fun shower, it ended up being not too expensive and everything worked well together. I am already preparing for another shower and will post pics of that when it happens! So fun!

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