Personalized Wedding Dog Treat Favors

I received a request a few weeks ago and I just have to share it with you because I thought it was a genius idea!

A couple was getting married and they wanted to somehow incorporate their dogs into their wedding so they reached out to me to make them some personalized dog treats with their names and their wedding date in them.
I made them 200 personalized all natural dog treats that they gave away as their wedding guest favors. They included a note saying "From our dogs, to your dogs, enjoy!"

I used my all natural, grain-free pumpkin recipe and these bones are about 3.5 inches big so they are the perfect size! 

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I thought this was a great idea! It makes your wedding so incredibly unique and I wish I could be at this wedding to hear all the reactions to these favors!

All of my friends and family had nothing but wonderful things to say about this idea!

One thing I love about this business is the ability for the customer to customize the treats to be whatever they need them to be. I originally had the idea to make a business pumpkin bone for businesses to put their names on the bones, but this is a new idea to me and I just love it!

I'd love to hear any or all of your ideas! I love customizing anything!
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