Christmas Dog Treat Packaging!

After much, much, much deliberation…I have finally decided on my Christmas packaging for all of my Christmas dog treats this year! :) I know as a consume and a shop owner, packaging is very important and I wanted it to convey the spirit of the shop, and fit with the look of the treats too!

So here it is!

The down low is this: if you purchase 2+ items, the packaging will look like this, my favorite! :)

A take-out box filled to the brim with delicious morsels waiting to be devoured by a hungry doggie, perfectly and delicately wrapped in two kinds of Christmas ribbon (which I must admit, I had too much fun picking out). 
Then of course, topped off with my new Christmas treat labels! 
I love the take-out box because it looks ready to sit by the tree and to be opened on Christmas day! It needs no more decoration or prep, it's ready to be given as a gift!

On the other side, if only 1 item is purchased, the packaging will be in a polka dot treat bag! Which I do love, and is very similar to what I normally package with, I just wanted something totally different for Christmas, however because the small priority rate USPS box is so long and skinny, this is my only option for one item. I still love it, and think it's perfect to give as a gift, I am just a little biased toward my take-out box :)

My labels turned out great!!!! I am so excited about them! 
I have updated all my items in my Etsy shop to include pics of the packaging so head on over and check it out!!!

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