"My Favorite Things" Dog Edition: My Top 10 Dog Christmas Gifts for 2013

I have spent a lot of time gathering information and products for this doggie gift guide. I tried to compile items that actually have a use and a purpose and items that dogs would actually enjoy, as well as their humans. Many times I think giving gifts to dogs has more to do with how it makes humans feel rather than the dog!

I would give every single one of these to my dogs and I truly believe they would enjoy every single one as well.

So here they are, just in time for the Christmas shopping season (can't believe we are a week away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!!).

"My Favorite Things" Dog Edition: My Top 10 Dog Christmas Gifts for 2013

Hyperdog Ball Launcher Christmas Dog Gifts: I immediately thought of my dogs because they could run ALL day and love chasing tennis balls. Instead of 20 short throws, I could maybe do 10 long throws! Plus I just wanna shoot it cause it looks cool!

Self Warming Lounge Sleeper: Dog Christmas Gift: I saw this a lot when looking for great Christmas dog gifts and I think it's genius! They have dog beds that are electric, like an electric blanket, but many times that isn't feasible, so this somehow just reflects and traps the dog's body heat and helps warm the bed with it. Great idea!

Leopard Dog Play Balls: I had never heard of "Harry Barker" but apparently they are a great company! Take some time to look on their website! It's fun! And these are fun too!

Soggy Doggy Slopmats: This may be more for humans!? But I just couldn't NOT post it because it would solve so many problems at my house. I am convinced I will be put in the hospital after slipping on dog drool.

Holiday Lambswool Tuffut Toy: My dogs love these kind of toys. They are mostly just material instead of fluff, which is good for me since Molly loves to throw the fluff all over the house! 

Plush Dog Toy - Huge Wooly Bone : I know, I know, I just said I hate fluff, BUT think how cute this would look under the tree with a giant red bow on it??????

Gourmet Christmas Dog Treats:  Then of course, I HAVE to include the best dog treats of all time in my list.  Treats are the perfect Christmas gift because they are sure to love them and these are so adorably packaged, they come ready to be opened and devoured!
P.L.A.Y Snuggle Bed: I wish these came in bigger sizes because this is exactly what I try to create every night with my dogs. They LOVE being bundled in a cave! Genius idea!

Christmas Dog Collar: This may need to be given before Christmas! But I like it because I think it can be worn all winter long and not just at Christmas time.

DOOG Sticks: I saw these posted as one of the top toys found at the global pet expo and I am so curious about them! They are all natural and are apparently supposed to replicate and replace real sticks that dogs chew on. My dogs secretly bring sticks into the house all the time, and it's a mess so I would love to know how these work! 

And there you have it! "My Favorite Things" Dog Edition for 2013. Check out my Pinterest Board for other dog gift ideas I have found.

 I am not sure what else they will get, but I can assure you dog treats will be in abundance on Christmas day for my dogs :) 
I have so many variations of dog treats and would love to make something special for your Christmas pup!!! Head over to www.treatdreamsthedogbakery.com to see for yourself!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!

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