My Recent Cruelty Free Makeup Finds

Within the last few months I have decided to purchase only cruelty free products (cleaning, makeup, lotions etc). Thanks to Operation Beagle Freedom and their cruelty cutter app it has been pretty easy.

I decided to do this because I found out they weren't just conducting test on mice (which I still love!) but on bunnies and beagles! That was too much. So after some research I realized that animal testing is actually just an outdated method of testing because only about 5% of the tests results actually transfer over to prove conducive to human results. So it is largely ineffective.

I could go on but let's talk makeup instead!

There are so many options for cruelty free products out there, but I want to find the best ones. So I am trying them all out. Every time I am out of something I go and usually buy of that thing at the store to try them both. Here are my reviews of some recent products I have purchased.


This is my favorite cruelty free foundation right now! I didn't even know this existed, but Ulta was promoting it one day and it was buy 1 get one free so of course I said yes! I am so glad I did. I apply this over my liquid foundation for some serious coverage and it blends so perfectly to my skin and has such a nice overlay, I feel flawless. I love it.

When I googled, cruelty free mascara I found a lot of options. I had to leave my beloved Dior mascara behind because it is not cruelty free :( So I was looking for something to fill some pretty remarkably big shoes. When I saw the title of this mascara, I thought, surely this is what I need. I have to say, this is pretty great mascara. I love the brush, I love the consistency, I love the pink case! I just really love it. I am moving on from Dior and never looking back!

I saw that ELF was a cruelty free drug store brand, and that means CHEAP so I tried them, but unfortunately the product was cheap as well. It smeared on and flaked off, so I changed to Tarte eyeliner. To be honest, nothing is spectacular about this eyeliner. It just works. It is extremely smooth I will say that, so I love it for that reason. But other than that, it just does what it's supposed to, stay on, not smudge, not smear, not flake, just stay, and it does that, so I like it.

For My Face

I have been searching and searching for a great facial scrub. I found one a while ago from St. Ives, but it's not cruelty free and now that it's gone, I have to find a cruelty free facial scrub and it's harder than I thought. The scrubbies have to be very fine, but not ineffective. There also needs to be lots of them, not like 10 in one squirt. Unfortunately this does not do it for me. The scrubbies (beads) in this are rough! And they are few and far between, so I don't think it's as effective. I used this on my feet and I like it, so maybe that is what it will become for me.

This didn't do it for me either. It is closer than the Burt's Bees, but still not enough scrubbies and they are too soft to feel like they are rubbing away my dead skin cells. 
I am still on the search for something that works for me.....miss you St. Ives!

For My Hair

So I have curly hair, but not like it was when I was a kid and it was all cute. Now it's just a frizzy mess and some of it curls and some of it just puffs up. So this is a necessity in my life. Unfortunately the cruelty free hair product game is lacking greatly. You can order anything online, but I'm looking for something I can pick up at Ulta, or Target or something close while I'm out running errands. So I have landed on Paul Mitchell and I am very happy with that decision.
For one, this works! And also, it smells super good. So I'm happy with this.

That's all I have for now. I am about out of toothpaste, bronzer, body wash and windex so expect those reviews soon!

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