Fetch Fido A Flight- A Life Saving Dog Rescue Flight

I had the privilege of witnessing a life saving flight for 49 dogs who needed to be rescued from death row. Oklahoma has a tremendous problem with pet overpopulation and because of that, we have too many incredible dogs and companion animals being euthanized every day.

Thankfully, we have people like Vikki Smith who have taken on the crisis and decided to do something about it. She organized Fetch Fido A Flight which works with Wings of Rescue to fly at risk dogs out of Oklahoma to more adoptable places in the United States. Many of these places are in the Northwest and they literally have waiting lists of people wanting to adopt dogs. I can't imagine!

When I started Treat Dreams, I wanted to be able to help in some way. It took me a few years in business to get things figured out and I realized  if I was able to create more profit in my items I sold, I could give a percentage to different rescues throughout the country and get to be a part of some amazing work that people are doing.

So, that is how I got to be a part of Fetch Fido A Flight and see the flight actually take place. We gave 10% of our sales from Treat Dreams to Fetch Fido A Flight for the months of April and May.

Here are some pictures that I took from that day. The flight has to be loaded and take off early so we can avoid this horrid Oklahoma heat. So we started at 5:30! Eek!!


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