All Natural, Grain-Free Peanut Butter Dog Treats

We are finally able to offer grain-free peanut butter dog treats! Peanut butter is by far the most popular flavor of dog treat and I completely understand why! I love Peanut butter!

In fact, the other day I spent all day making these treats and by the end of the day I was so sick of smelling peanut butter that I couldn't eat, so I made myself a peanut butter coffee cake so I could partake in the peanut butter as well :)

Grain-free dog treats is becoming the way to go and I am so glad that people are able to figure out what might be bothering their dog. So many "common" allergies can be attributed to consuming too much wheat. I know from my own experience, Molly has ear infections depending on how much and what kind of wheat she eats. 

Now, I believe there is a VAST difference in the kinds of wheats. For example, we make our dogs whole wheat treats because we use fresh wheat berries that we actually grind into warm, rich, whole wheat flour ourselves. This is in no way the same quality as that found in a bag of dog food that says "flour" on it that is causing allergies and all kinds of issues. 

Either way, I am glad I can now offer some treats that are grain-free and dogs that are and aren't allergic to wheat can have some!

When I meet people and they ask about Treat Dreams, once I get past the "what a random thing to do" look, they ask "what's in them?" As if they think I go out early in the morning and peel the road kill from the roads, bring it back to my kitchen and cook up some treats for the day......

They smell so incredible, I had to taste one the other day. And....they aren't bad at all! Super bland but other than that, I would have no problem eating them if I had to. 
We use organic garbanzo flour that we order from our local natural produce store and mix it with natural peanut butter for the base of the mixture. Then we add the goodies, cinnamon, dry milk, water, olive oil and a banana. 
That's it. Super pure. Super simple, super all natural.

and you will find the grain-free peanut butter section.

It also includes my first decorated grain-free peanut butter treat = the "stache". For the "hipster" in every dog! I'm a little in love with that one right now.

I love being able to see something that is missing and provide for that need. I love seeing the change occurring in my shop and with what people are looking for. Here's to many more changes!!!

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