4 Weeks Old- Adopt, Don't Shop, Our Foster Puppy Journey

Well, we have made it 3 weeks which means the babies are 4 weeks old. 

We went to the vet for our 1 month check up and everyone is in good health! We had a scare with Zoe   right when they turned 2 weeks old. She had an abscess on her neck that is called "puppy strangles" apparently and she had to have it lanced which was scary for us, but she pulled through like a champ and is doing great!

The babies have started drinking formula and eating ground up dry dog food with a little bit of puppy canned food mixed in. Maci (mom) is getting a little tired of feeding them now that they have teeth!! :)

This is what happens when we crawl under the furniture, we find dust bunnies.

It's tough being 4 weeks old!

We officially have names for all of the puppies! 
We know these names will probably change when they go to their forever homes, but given their physical characteristics or personalities or just for the heck of it, we have given them the following names...
Coco, Dobie, Oreo, Skunkers, Charlie, Zoe and Brutus.

This is Brutus. He has always been the biggest and used his weight to push his way around therefore he was named Brutus from the very beginning. I love him!!

I just love this......My mom got on the floor and was attacked..

This is Dobie....she is the smallest but definitely super feisty!

We are still learning because every day comes a new phase of life for these pups. So right when we get used to them nursing, it's time to feed them formula, then it's time to switch to canned food, then dry dog food. Then they only pee every few hours, and now it's every 5 seconds! Then they fit in their kennel, but then in a few days, they are moved to a kiddie swimming pool, and now its about time to switch to something even bigger! We are hungry more often now, and with mom feeding us less and less that means the humans are now in charge of that as well!

They are irresistibly precious which helps cover up a multitude of other messes and such that occur at a rapidly growing rate and as much as I am ready for them to grow up and learn how to use the bathroom outside, I know that we will only have them for a few more weeks so I am trying to treasure the morning kisses, wonderfully horrible puppy breath and late night snuggles.

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