Doggie Ingredient Tuesday: Yogurt

Well, I missed a week. I told you I'd be bad at this. Didn't I? If I didn't I should have and now you know. Fall gets to be a busy time (mostly cause I spend all my extra time baking yummy treats for myself......dogs get them all the time so I should too right?)

So I have decided to talk about yogurt today. I try to talk about ingredients that I use either in my treats, or just in my dog's diets. And they LOVE YOGURT!

Another great thing about it, is it's easy!

I buy containers just like this one and keep around just for the dogs. They love it with an afternoon snack or as a topper for their food at meal times!

As always, I reference Dr. Khalsa's book "Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog: A Holistic Guide for Healthier Dogs." And it has a list of the beneficial bacteria:

lactobacillus acidophilus
lactobacillus bulgaris
lactobacillus bifidus
streptococcus faecium
bifidobacterium bifidum
lactobacillus casei
lactobacillus salivarius

These kinds of bacteria help with bad breath and all kinds of stomach issues (gas, indigestion, constipation etc).

You just need to be aware of the kind of yogurt you and buying and make sure it has some beneficial bacteria in it.
This Dannon yogurt lists that it has lactobacillus acidophilus :)
I am sure yogurt purchased from a health food store will contain more natural cultures and beneficial bacteria (Dr. Khalsa recommends this), but I simply can't afford it and I think this at least helps them and is a very easy way for me to incorporate something beneficial and yummy in their diet!!

There ya go! There is yogurt for this Tuesday!

I don't have any treats that contain yogurt, but my frosting is all natural and yogurt based if you wanna check out some yummy treats :)

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