Happy Easter!!

This was a first for me..…...

I made Easter baskets for the girls.  I felt kind of silly. I was so excited. More excited than is normal probably. But…..it was so worth it! It was such a fun weekend!

It started with an Easter egg hunt. My friend, Kara, helped me to put small treats in plastic eggs. I thought, "No way, the girls will not be able to figure it out."
Stupid me. Molly is smart enough to lure me away from my sandwich long enough to snatch it, of course she is smart enough to pop open a plastic egg!
I highly recommend it! It was so fun!!

Then Sunday morning, the girls tackled their Easter baskets. 

I didn't want a typical basket, so I found these at Hobby Lobby = perfection.

I filled some plastic eggs with some small blueberry treats, just like our Easter egg hunt.

Then of course, I thought the girls needed their own chocolate Easter bunny!! So these are our carob/peanut butter dog treat recipe and I shaped them into a "chocolate bunny".

The girls love "babies" (aka, stuffed animals they carry around for days). So I had to include this cute little "ducky" I found :)  Then, to top it all off, one of our Easter bunny dog treats. I am particularly proud of these bunnies because they are simple and easy but extraordinarily cute!

Molly was first. She needed no prompting.

Eggs were first…then the chocolate bunny!

Then her baby!!

Then it was time to sit back and watch Lucy.

Belly, is very cautious…it took Molly about 2 minutes to get through her basket. It took Lucy about 10 minutes. Every time she took a treat out of her basket, she had to take it to her bed and eat it, then return to her basket. 

Slobbery ducky.

Lucy won best photo of the day. I have to be honest, she is not the most photogenic of doggies so I am extremely proud that this picture was snapped and she finally gets to win most photogenic!! 

It was a great day! I will definitely be continuing this tradition every year now! 

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