No Rescue For August

Happy almost August! It's officially time to prepare to look forward to fall! Ha! This is how I get through the summer. Always look forward to fall!

So many of you know that about two weeks ago we spontaneously took in three foster bottle babies from our local animal shelter. They came to us 9 days old. I have been up every night, every 3-4 hours feeding them ever since. I'm very tired, but their puppy breath and soft kisses help tremendously.

All that to say, we heard about these babes from Country Roads Animal Rescue Society, but I do not like to take resources from rescues or animal shelters because they have so many other needs they need to meet. 

Foster Babies are our Rescue!

So I decided that instead of having a rescue of the month for the month of August, we would instead use the support to help the foster babies. Formula is expensive y'all! I had no idea! 
We do not keep puppy things around, especially for bottle babies so immediately the expenses started adding up:
Bottle nipples (puppies are picky about their nipples if you didn't know!)
Baby wipes (allll the poops everywhere)
Small kennel (my only kennel fits my 125 lb dog)
Laundry soap (going through it like crazy!)
Vet visit (one baby was very lethargic one day)
Puppy play pen (we have four big dogs that we need to keep separate)
Disinfectant spray and paper towels!

I started Treat Dreams with the purpose of being able to use it to help rescue dogs in some way. Sometimes that looks like a check, and sometimes that looks like a Target run for laundry soap and paper towels.

10% of every purchase at for the month of August will go into our Foster Baby Fund!

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