Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

I cannot believe that Halloween is so close! And it finally feels like fall so I feel justified in making pumpkin cookies and treats for myself and not just my doggies :)

I found myself beginning to think about what to have my dogs be for Halloween. I, myself, hate dressing up in costumes, but I choose to believe my dogs love it, even if only so they can tear their outfit to shreds later...

And I will not spend any kind of serious money on a costume for my dogs, one because they are monstrous and instead I should look for costumes for miniature ponies, and two because I have no money to spend.

Therefore I looked all over the internet for some clever, inexpensive ideas and I thought I would share them.
This I think is my favorite one. One because I have never seen it before and never saw it since this picture, so I guess you could say it's unique. It is one of those that is so simple everyone wishes they thought of it. But alas, I don't have an adorable football sized brown lab....maybe I need one?
This made me laugh out loud! Adorable!!! This dog has the perfect coloring for it. My dog on the other hand is the perfect SIZE OF A COW, but is blonde...this one isn't for me, but I couldn't pass up posting its cuteness!!

Now this is more my style, cheap, easy and incredibly appropriate! Molly would hate being stuffed in a box, but if I could even get one picture out of it, it might be worth a try.

This is also tremendously appropriate for my beast of a dog. I like this cause it's easy. All you need is one piece to make the costume. She would look ridiculously cute!!! How can I decide?

Ah, all great aspirations aside, let's be honest. This is what she will actually wear for Halloween, except it will probably be an old t-shirt and not a bed sheet, cause let's be honest, I am thinking about dressing an overgrown puppy and this is probably more realistic.

This is adorable so I had to post. Especially on a bigger dog, Great Dane perhaps! Adorable!

This is just genius! I don't know how they did it, chalk maybe? but it's perfect. The dog wouldn't know anything was on them! 

And if you have this kind of dog, PLEASE, it must be a Target dog! I'm actually a little jealous mine can't pull this off.

This would have worked perfectly with Oreo, my older dog you passed away several years ago. 

Finally, if this is not the most appropriate thing in the world I don't know what is! 

Check out my pinterest to see what other ideas for Halloween I have found!

And be sure your doggie gets their share of tricks AND TREATS this Halloween. I have some very special grain-free pumpkin Halloween dog treats


  1. Thanks for featuring my "poop factory"! I love how proud she is of that costume. The other ideas are fantastic (especially that skunk!) Love your site!

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